What the heck are essential oils?



Essential oils are distilled from plants, they contain the “life blood” so to speak, of that plant. This is the part of the plant that helps it grow, stay healthy, and heal. Turns out they can have a wide variety of similar benefits on the human body.

Oils support all systems of the body — immune system, digestive system, etc. The aromatherapy benefits can help boost your mood or set a relaxing environment.

It’s actually kind of hard to explain until you’ve actually got them in your hand and you’re smelling them, haha.

The picture above is the Premium Start Kit that Young Living offers. Its the top 10 basic oils to get you started with using essential oils in every aspect of your life. Plus, every kit comes with a bonus bottle of Stress Away ❤

I’d like to briefly go over the oils to kind of tell you more about what I mean 🙂

Lemon vitality – good to add flavor to your water, make lemonade, or a chicken  marinade. Lemon can help you get sticky stuff off of surfaces as well.

Copaiba vitality – this oil supports every system in your body. It also magnifies the affect of any oil it’s combined with. So for example, if you blend it with lavender, it will magnify the relaxing properties of the lavender.

Digize – the top digestive support oil! I like to rub it directly on my stomach if I need a little help, but you can also take it in capsules or put it in your water.

Thieves – Top immune support oil. You can make tea with it for an immune support boost, or put it in water. Thieves is so powerful they have a whole line of cleaning and mouth care products made with it!

Peppermint – also good for digestive support. Put in your water to perk you up a little bit. Good for when you’re working out to cool you down, and it may help curb cravings.

Panaway – Muscle support. Put on your muscles post-work out, or any muscles and joints that need a little attention. I like to use this at night if my legs get restless.

R.C. – a eucalyptus blend, apply to your chest, bottom of your feet, or across your sinuses for some support in the respiratory department.

Purification – Diffuse to freshen up the air, you can put on your feet or in your shoes to get rid of odor. Anywhere you need to freshen up a little bit. You can also apply this topically before going outdoors. Outdoor pests are not a fan of purification

Frankincense – This one has about a million uses, haha. Emotional support, amazing skin support, immune support. Frankincense is a powerhouse.

Lavender – top relaxation oil. Diffuse at night to promote a peaceful nights sleep.

Stress Away – top emotional support oil. The name says it all 🙂

And those are just the basics! I strongly encourage you to do a little research on your own about these awesome oils because they are truly incredible. But you can see, its easy to get this kit and then incorporate them into just about every aspect of your life right away.

You can diffuse them into the air, apply topically, or even ingest the white labeled vitality oils.

And they all have a wide variety of things they’re good for.

If you need support in any particular area of your life (skin, stress, sleep, weight maintenance etc) I’d love to help you out and find some oils that may benefit you.

Since everyone’s bodies are different, some oils will work for you and some wont. But luckily there are plenty of oils to try that can help you get the right support.