Cleaning the tub…


I am a cleaning freak. I enjoy doing it, sometimes it helps me with my boredom or anger or anxiety. Sometimes it’s just my job and duty calls.

But uh… I pretty much ALWAYS forget to clean the tub.
I know!!

Here’s my excuse though! My tub is an off-white color, the light in my bathroom is on the opposite side of the room and is pretty yellow-ish as it is. Its just really hard to see :/
But today I was cleaning something IN my tub and I was like “omg this tub is DISGUSTING”

So guess what I reached for….


If you guessed essential oils, you are correct 😉
First, I put a cap full of Young Living Thieves all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle. And just for fun I decided to add Tea Tree, Lemon, and Thieves oil. (I’m not messing around…) Topped the bottle off with water, and I was good to go!
I sprayed down my entire shower and tub, and let it sit for a few minutes and then I went at it with a sponge.

Afterwards, I sprinkled baking soda on the floor of the tub, and then rinsed it with vinegar and got it all super shiny and ULTRA CLEAN. I’ll never have to clean this baby again.

…. Just kidding.

But seriously! This was just as easy as using a store-bought chemical cleaner.
Why is this WAY better?

  • I wasn’t exposed to any chemicals or toxins during this process
  • No chemical headaches!
  • No worries about mixing items

A lot of the store bought chemicals require you to wear gloves, or take extra care that they don’t get mixed with any other chemicals.
It’s quite common to get head aches from using these kinds of cleaners, to get irritated skin or throat, yet we leave them around our homes. We spray them on surfaces we prepare food on. We spray them on surfaces children touch before putting their fingers in their mouths. We leave them hanging out under our sinks…

Go read this article from Environmental Working Group about those chemical cleaners cause cancer, asthma, birth defects, and poisoning… Buuuuut none of the companies who sell these products have to tell you any of that. Its a fun little surprise for you.


So if we know that information… why are we still using this poison in our homes???

Maybe people aren’t aware what the alternative is.
Allow me to be the one to share that information with you 😉

The cleaner I used to clean my tub, it’s called Thieves Household Cleaner




It’s 100% plant and mineral based. It smells like flippin’ Christmas in a bottle. It’s a little bit cinnamon-y. And it gets. the job. done. It says all-purpose and it means ALL Purpose. I clean my kitchen with it, I clean my floors, my bathroom, my windows, everything.

You don’t have to worry about your 12 year old playing mad scientist in the bathroom when they’re supposed to be doing chores. You don’t have to worry about your dog licking the floor. It’s safe for you and your family to be around ❤ (except for fish… Thieves contains clove which can kill fish haha. Sorry fishies)

This little bottle is a concentrate, one cap full makes a whole bottle of cleaner. So you could get 20 or more *bottles of cleaner* from this one bottle. That rounds out to about one buck a bottle. Even purely from a price perspective this makes more sense than a $4 bottle of chemical spray at Walmart.

I have been using Thieves for months, and as soon as I got my first bottle and tried it out, I threw out ALL those disgusting chemicals from under my sink. You don’t need poison lurking around in your cabinets. This chemical free cleaner will do the jobs of your chemical collection, trust me!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a little passionate about this. It is so easy to just eliminate your exposure to a ton of chemicals if you just switch to something else. I’m not asking you to burn everything you own and start over 🙂
But even baby steps are progress in the right direction.

If you want to talk more about thieves, I would love to help you get some in your life. I’ll even send samples of cleaner to the first 5 people who have a conversation with me about it 🙂

I’m sharing this with you because we aren’t aware of the things around us and the affect they are having on our bodies whether we know it or not. Ever since becoming a Young Living member I have been learning more and more about things around me and ingredients in my products. I’m still taking my baby steps to slowly get chemicals out of my home. It’s a process. But having the knowledge is the first step.

If you don’t do anything else, download the Think Dirty app and start scanning stuff around your house. You might be surprised what you find!

Come back here and get in touch with me if you want to learn more about getting that bad stuff out and getting some good stuff in.




Why Young Living?



There are a lot of essential oil companies out there, and I’m sure you might be wondering why it even matters which company you choose.

Like I mentioned in my first post, I started out with whatever brands TJ Maxx had in stock. I didn’t do any research on it, and those oils never blew me away.
Several years ago I briefly considered making a doTerra account, simply because I thought they looked cooler than Young Living, haha.

Then I met my upline leader, Brittani, and she told me why she chose Young Living. It immediately became my reason as well.

It’s called the Seed to Seal process, and no other oil company has anything like this. (You can click on that to check it out for yourself!)

Basically, Young Living controls everything from selecting the seeds they plant, all the way up to sealing the bottles. As the pioneers in modern day essential oils, the standards are high for them, but they rise to the challenge. I was lucky enough to get to attend their annual convention last week, and their Chief Science Officer spoke to us about all the ways they ensure the purity of their oil.
When they get oil  in, they immediately take a sample and test it on several different machines for several different things. They run each of these tests three times. Then if it passes all the tests, they get it bottled up, and after its bottled they do all the tests all over again.

No other company tests their oils this much, no other company has the standards Young Living has for their oils, and there are some machines Young Living uses to test with, that are so high tech and expensive, no other company even has them.

Recently they had someone try to sell Frankincense oil to them to use, (which is a big deal. Frankincense is one of the most popular oils, and its one of the more expensive oils. YL could have made a ton of money off of this) and when they began their rigorous research and testing demands, the people who owned the oil sold to someone else because they couldn’t keep up with Young Living’s standards for documentation and testing.

So long story short, no one has higher standards than Young Living does. They will never compromise on purity over profit. And in order to get that purity, they own their own land, and they build strong relationships with partner farms, to deliver the best oils they possibly can to their members.



Meet the Lioness

Hi there! My name is Emily Leon and I am The Lavender Lioness.

I have always loved to write – My maiden name is German for writer, now its Spanish for lion. So here I am. The lioness who writes.
Another thing that I love is essential oils! And I am finally at a place in my life where I’m ready to combine these two loves, and get back into writing – to share about my oils and how I use them in my day-to-day life.

But first, a little about me.
I’m 25 years old, I’ve been married since September 2016 to my other half, Alexander, and we live in Omaha, Nebraska. Currently we have one fur baby, a little black cat, Xena.

I have been interested in essential oils for a really long time. The idea of a cute little amber bottle of magical oil that could solve all my problems sounded like a dream. AKA: too good to be true. I didn’t know anyone close to me who used them, I just knew these oilers, whoever they were, were crazy about it.
Welp, sometime around 2013ish, while I was working full time at my local TJ Maxx, they started to get essential oils in stock! Perfect! I was especially interested in Lavender to help me sleep. I’ve always been a light sleeper, and had trouble winding down and actually getting to sleep.

So I got my 10% employee discount on a random bottle of oil and a cheap diffuser.

And they were okay. I enjoyed the smell of them, but for some reason at the time I was not actively pursuing more information about them. There was no passion about them like I’d been hearing other people experiencing.

Then in January 2017, I began getting more involved in some local spouse Facebook pages and I came across a post from a girl inviting us all to a wine and oils party at her house. I was already intrigued by oils, I love wine, and I needed to make some new friends, so I went!

The first thing I did was reach for her bottle of Lavender.

Holy cow.

I didn’t need facts and figures, I didn’t need to know about Young Living’s exclusive Seed to Seal process, my nose and my brain told me “Hey, this is the real deal, pay attention”

I was obsessed. A fire lit inside me and I could not stop thinking about oil.

I got my starter kit as a birthday present to myself in mid February. And I’ve been in love with them ever since. I’m excited, I’m constantly learning, and more importantly, I’m seeing real benefits in my life. I know these little bottles of oil may sound too good to be true, but let me tell you that is not the case. You just need to be using the RIGHT oils.

That’s why I’m here, writing to you. I know these oils can help you, and as a person who naturally tends to have strong desire to HELP, this is something I’m becoming more and more passionate about every day.

So I’m going to tell you right now, you know now that I am a helper 🙂 If you ever have any questions or want help with something please do not hesitate to reach out to me. This is what I love. Young Living has helped me discover my purpose. Feel free to be a part of that ❤

This photo of me you can see at the beginning of this post, was taken at the actual Young Living lavender farm in Mona, Utah. Shortly after taking that selfie, I planted that little lavender sprout in the ground and one day that lavender will be in someone’s bottle of oil. And I hope they feel the same way I did the day I first smelled Young Living lavender.

Hey. This is the real deal. Pay attention.