Why Young Living?



There are a lot of essential oil companies out there, and I’m sure you might be wondering why it even matters which company you choose.

Like I mentioned in my first post, I started out with whatever brands TJ Maxx had in stock. I didn’t do any research on it, and those oils never blew me away.
Several years ago I briefly considered making a doTerra account, simply because I thought they looked cooler than Young Living, haha.

Then I met my upline leader, Brittani, and she told me why she chose Young Living. It immediately became my reason as well.

It’s called the Seed to Seal process, and no other oil company has anything like this. (You can click on that to check it out for yourself!)

Basically, Young Living controls everything from selecting the seeds they plant, all the way up to sealing the bottles. As the pioneers in modern day essential oils, the standards are high for them, but they rise to the challenge. I was lucky enough to get to attend their annual convention last week, and their Chief Science Officer spoke to us about all the ways they ensure the purity of their oil.
When they get oil  in, they immediately take a sample and test it on several different machines for several different things. They run each of these tests three times. Then if it passes all the tests, they get it bottled up, and after its bottled they do all the tests all over again.

No other company tests their oils this much, no other company has the standards Young Living has for their oils, and there are some machines Young Living uses to test with, that are so high tech and expensive, no other company even has them.

Recently they had someone try to sell Frankincense oil to them to use, (which is a big deal. Frankincense is one of the most popular oils, and its one of the more expensive oils. YL could have made a ton of money off of this) and when they began their rigorous research and testing demands, the people who owned the oil sold to someone else because they couldn’t keep up with Young Living’s standards for documentation and testing.

So long story short, no one has higher standards than Young Living does. They will never compromise on purity over profit. And in order to get that purity, they own their own land, and they build strong relationships with partner farms, to deliver the best oils they possibly can to their members.