Savvy Minerals Lip Gloss!

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I have never really been a big makeup person. I like to keep it simple, and you will never see me spending hours just putting my face on haha.
But Young Living recently released a whole line of makeup products, which is really exciting even for a casual makeup wearer like myself. I still like to look nice, and store brand makeup products are loaded with a bunch of toxins. So ever since I started using oils in February, I’ve been grudgingly putting makeup on, knowing that I need to find a better option.
And about two weeks ago, Young Living delivered!
This makeup line is easy to use, and its all toxin free, and mineral based 🙂
(Toxin free makeup AND fancy Italian brushes)
I started out slow and decided to go with some lip gloss. And I am NOT usually a lip gloss girl, so that in itself should tell you its a big deal 😂
The Savvy Minerals lip gloss is actually infused with peppermint oil so its juust slightly tingly and makes your lips feel a little plumper. I love it. And I usually don’t care about lip stuff at all.
Now I just need to start trading out the rest of my products!
I got to try the mineral foundation at the Young Living Convention when they released it, and it is so light and soft. It provides coverage but its not cakey or thick. And its a lot easier to use than you’d expect! I’d never used minerals before so I was overwhelmed when I first heard about it, but its really easy.
You can check out more information on all the makeup and how to use it on the Savvy Minerals by Young Living website