Using Oils for Emotions

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I haven’t really made all the basic posts I wanted yet before delving into my every day life but hey, its a blog. I’m going to wing it. 🙂

When I first became interested in oils it was for sleep support. And I think in general, when people think about using oils its for support with things like their immune system or muscles. Promoting healthy functions. Or maybe they want to make DIY soaps and bath bombs, but that’s all bodily or physical stuff.  Know what I mean?

However. There’s a whole other side to essential oils you may not have even considered…

Sometimes… I struggle with my emotions. 

I have always been a FEELER. Maybe it’s in my head but I’ve always felt like I feel things more strongly than the typical person. Part of this may be related to my introverted nature – I’m a quiet person, I listen and observe, and when I’m alone I think. And I’m naturally a caregiver and helper. It’s just my nature to put others before myself.
But if I’m around people too long who require me to work really hard to stay switched ON, I become very fatigued, mentally which then becomes physical. Its just a party.

Sometimes my emotions run away with me and I can’t really control them. Because I’m a thinker, if I’m home alone all day, with only myself to keep me company, some days I can just sit and brood for hours. Little things can set me off, big things can set me off. Nothing can set me off and my brain just takes a giant poop on me for no reason. Boom. Suddenly my head is a black storm cloud inside.

And you have no idea the inner turmoil this creates. It’s an endless cycle! I don’t want to be this way! So I start experiencing guilt. -If I just tried harder maybe I could get over these negative thoughts in my head. If I tried a little harder I could pretend to like the people who are annoying me. If I tried a little harder people will finally realize how good a friend I am.

If I tried harder I would be losing myself. I’d be a fake person trying to force it just for the sheer sake of trying to have people around me. And I can’t do that. So instead, I’m going to have a few select people near me, and I just have to try to figure out how to deal with my negative emotions about everyone else. 😉 Because being genuine is more important, even if it means not having a crew of people behind me.

So I have a lot of emotions… on a regular basis.

My husband recently left for a very long stretch of time, mandatory with his line of work. The few days after he left, in my brain I felt okay. I felt like I could accept it. But my body was not in agreement. I found myself physically agitated and nervous, my stomach was turning, I just had the jitters. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, where my body and my brain were just not on the same page.

I reached for oils.

Young Living’s Stress Away blend, on my wrists and neck, every few hours (trust me, I could tell when it was time to put more on) and I was able to get RELIEF. Emotional relief. I called it a hug for my nose, because the scent seemed to instantly be the chill pill I needed. I was able to relax and go about my life without feeling like a wreck. (mostly…)

And I think about what I would be going through if I didn’t have these oils with me. They came at the perfect time in my life.

My husband’s absence strongly attributes to the rest of my current emotional issues, haha. The thing about us introverts, is if we find our PERSON. You’re stuck with us. Luckily I was able to find the one man who balances me out. And luckily I was able to win him over ❤ But when your other half is gone, the person you vent to and then move on with your life with, the person who can hold you until you forget why you’re mad at the world… When he’s not here, I harbor all those things inside me. They’re stuck, and they are difficult to get out. Its lonely being the introverted girl who’s picky about her friends.

So this blog post is partially for my benefit as well as yours.

Because I need to use my emotional oils more! I KNOW this is a problem for me and I KNOW the oils can be helping me. So I’m posting this as a reminder to myself!

When the going gets tough, grab your oils, girl!

So which oils am I using? There are a LOT of emotional oils and emotional blends out there, and I  have been using for less than 6 months, so I have not been able to experience every one of them.

But these are the ones I have that I love~

Frankincense! Numero uno. Frank is bae. (included in YL’s starter kit)

  • Remember I said my head becomes a black storm cloud inside? One drop on the top of your head. You’re welcome. (Cedarwood on the back of your head too, if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • Feeling like you cant quite catch your breath, and you’re really on edge? One drop, underneath your tongue via a clean finger. Sounds crazy. And it is. Crazy awesome.
  • Diffuse it, put it directly on your wrists – I like to put oils in my hair, because its long and hangs by my face, so I smell it all day long. Built in diffuser accessory! Smelling it in any way creates a calming environment
  • Frankincense is also good for praying or meditating. It can be very grounding.
  • Frank not in the budget? Elemi is known as “poor man’s frankincense” I recently got it and am excited to try it out!

Stress Away (included in YL’s starter kit)

  • Step one: Buy 1,000 bottles. Step two: fill bath with Stress Away. Step three: Bathe in stress away. JUST KIDDING. DON’T DO THIS.
  • Apply topically to wrists and neck or diffuse to take your stress away 🙂
  • Mix ten drops with a cup of pure epsom salts, enjoy a relaxing bath (you could do this with any of these oils actually…)
  • Stress Away is one of the top emotional blends, and it has earned the title in my book.

Peace & Calming II

  • Yes, there’s a Peace and Calming I. Its slightly more expensive, but very similar. Both are excellent and their name says it all.
  • I like it best in the diffuser, I think. A little goes a long way, for me it can get too strong. But I huffed this the day I found out my husband had to leave for a while.

Valor II

  • I am in love with Valor II. Similarly to Peace & Calming II, it is a little less expensive as its partner but still does an amazing job. Its currently my favorite oil.
  • In addition to a relaxing scent, somehow it manages to instill a quiet confidence. I’m not quite ready to run for President with Valor, but I am more inclined to be able to face social situations I might not have necessarily been thrilled to deal with.
  • I apply this on my wrists and neck, and in my hair. I put it on a diffuser necklace. I diffuse it around my home.
  • It really calms me down and helps me get my act together. It’s one of those ones you have to take everyone’s word for and just try it.


  • I am not using Joy as often as I should. The name is self explanatory.
  • It is common for people to put it on first thing in the morning, right over the heart.
  • It is a very floral scent, could easily be used as perfume.
  • I havent been using this one for very long but its one I need to reach for more often.
  • But I do diffuse it for a little pick me up at home

Lavender (included in YL’s starter kit)

  • Lavender is a classic, I think everyone knows that Lavender has relaxing properties. I mostly use this at night to help me wind down and support healthy sleep 🙂
  • You can use Lavender any time of the day though to take advantage of its calming aroma. Same as a lot of them — apply to neck and/or wrists, diffuse.

So yeah. The power of a scent is a crazy thing! I have this treasure trove in front of me and I don’t use it as often as I should, but oils can be very powerful when trying to deal with emotions.

Thanks for reading my story about how crazy I am 😉
If I can help you with emotions you’re dealing with in your life too, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me ❤